Looking to sell dental scrap online or in-person? Toronto Metal Exchange is your destination to sell broken dental gold for cash! We make selling dental gold for cash fast and easy! We offer the best payout when it comes to selling dental scrap for cash! Toronto Metal Exchange is the premier destination when it comes to selling dental scrap for top dollar.

Unsure about how to sell dental scrap in Toronto?

When selling broken dental scrap, our specialists at Toronto Metal Exchange will walk you through the entire process to ensure that you have a comprehensive understanding of how your dental scrap is evaluated. What sets us apart from other refineries is that we pay you for EACH type of precious metal contained within your dental gold scrap! Time is valuable to us, so we guarantee selling your dental scrap is as fast and easy as possible; we can process your sell order online from the convenience of your home or dental practice, or in person at our convenient location in Toronto’s West end.

What to Know and What to Expect

Precious metals prices have dramatically soared in recent years; thus, Dentists and Dental offices can easily add another revenue stream by regularly recycling precious metal dental scrap simply by collecting all dental scrap, instead of throwing it away or selling it for a small sum. Dental crowns, bridges, and PFMs are typically alloyed with gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, therefore dental scrap can be potentially quite valuable.

Gold, Platinum, Silver and Palladium each have their respective market values. Toronto Metal Exchange relies on live, up to the minute precious metals pricing data from several over the counter (OTC) exchanges to ensure that the most accurate and substantial payout calculations are used. Toronto Metal Exchange pays for each precious metal – gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. We offer the top market rate for your dental scrap while making the process easy and convenient for you.

One common mistake that dental practices’ fall for when recycling precious metal dental scrap, is selling to a cash-for-gold buyer who operates by using a simple “weigh-and-pay” scheme. The buyer puts the scrap on the scale and simply guesses how much it’s worth. A dental office can miss out on as much as 75% or more of the scrap’s value this way.  When deciding to sell to a dental scrap refiner, it is essential that you choose a precise and transparent dental metal refining service that includes a detailed assay report outlining the quantity of each metal with each submission and payout.

Tips for Sellers

No minimum quantity – No amount is “too small.” Even if you only have one filling, a handful of crowns, or just a single bridge – we buy it all! While individual crowns, bridges, or PFMs don’t net a tremendous amount of money on an individual level; when you collect and sell the accumulated scrap from your office to a precious metal refinery like Toronto Metal Exchange, your company can easily net several thousands of dollars in profit per year.  

We are a local dental scrap buyer that is open on weekends. Our team of certified specialists offer free appraisals, meaning there is no commitment to sell. We encourage that you find a reputable dental scrap buyer that is transparent and reliable. As the top-rated dental scrap buyer in Toronto, Toronto Metal Exchange even offers dental scrap pickup services anywhere in the GTA.

What types of Dental Scrap Materials do Buyers Accept at Toronto Metal Exchange?

  • Bridges
    • Buttons
    • Caps
    • Clasps
    • Dental Sweeps
    • Flashings & Castings
    • Gold Bridges
    • Gold Crowns
    • Gold Partials
    • Gold Partials
    • Grindings
  • Inlays
    • Mixed Precious Metal Dental Work
    • Onlays
    • Palladium Bridges
    • Palladium Crowns
    • PFG’s (Porcelain Fused Gold) *
    • PFM’s (Porcelain Fused Metal) *
    • Platinum Bridges
    • Platinum Crowns
    • Platinum, Palladium & Gold Foil
    • Silver Bridges
    • Silver Crowns
    • Solder
    • Suction Dust
    • Vacuum Bags
    • Wire

*Porcelain Fused Metal (PFM) and Porcelain Fused Gold (PFG) typically contains valuable materials that often can look like gold or silver in colour. Silver coloured material may be comprised of platinum or palladium, two commonly used elements during production.


Dental precious metal scrap often contains organic compounds such as bones or teeth. DO NOT DISPOSE OF ANY METALIC SCRAPS! Please collect all and any scraps. Since identification of precious metals is not always possible upon visual inspection; we insist that you do not attempt to separate the metal from impurities on your scrap. These impurities are separated out during the refining process and we are left with a bar/ingot of precious metal alloy containing Gold, Palladium, Platinum, and silver. Any porcelain that is directly bonded to the metal alloy is also separated during this process.

Toronto Metal Exchange relies on industry standard XRF equipment to precisely determine the content of your scrap dental alloys. This ensures you get paid for the gold, silver, platinum, and palladium content. Toronto Metal Exchange offers some of the highest dental scrap metal prices in Canada and the United States. Toronto Metal Exchange provides quick turnaround times and custom payment options, so you receive payments fast and efficiently.

Take advantage today by working with Toronto Metal Exchange! We have streamlined the dental scrap recycling process while providing superior customer support in order to help you make profits off dental scrap without adding to your administrative overhead, at no additional cost.

If you’re interested in learning more about our dental scrap buying services, we are happy to provide you with additional information. You can call, email us @ or send us a message via our text app at the bottom of the page to speak with a live agent.

What are the Steps to Sell Dental Scrap to Buyers at Toronto Metal Exchange?

  1.  Sign up online or visit us in store. Toronto Metal Exchange is open to serve you seven days a week, 9am to 5pm – this includes Saturday and Sunday!
  • This is the fastest and only way to ensure that you are paid within the same (1) business day for your precious metals.
  • We offer free, in-person pick up anywhere in the GTA and its surrounding region – Toronto – Etobicoke – Mississauga – Brampton – Scarborough for free, no charge.
  • We can ship you a free, no charge mail kit with everything you need to get started, including brief instructions on how to package and ship your dental scrap.
  • You can sell Dental Scrap online by signing up and creating an account to start. Follow the simple instructions to safely package and ship dental scrap materials that can be found in your confirmation email and on our shipping page. We can send you a free kit with everything you need to get started, including instructions on how to package and ship your dental scrap. 
  • For further information, give us a call @ (416) 817-2126 or email us at customer.support@torontometalexchange.com  or send us a message via our live agent app.  We have agents standing by 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer any questions you have.

Payment options for Dental Scrap

We offer the full spot price in cash, e-transfer or PayPal. Alternatively, we also offer gift cards and instore credit. Toronto Metal Exchange charges a fixed fee for our services to cover the costs associated with providing the service.  You are effectively hiring us to refine your precious metals collection for a fixed, non-fluctuating fee.